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Cyber security Awareness Week
CAW Objectives & AIMs
CAW is the Central India's biggest cyber security conference. Lets get aware about the emerging cyber environment.

1) To create a secure cyber ecosystem in the country, generate adequate trust & confidence in IT systems and transactions in cyberspace and thereby enhance adoption of IT in all sectors of the economy.
2) To create an assurance framework for design of security policies and for promotion and enabling actions for compliance to global security standards and best practices by way of conformity assessment (product, process, technology & people).
3) To strengthen the Regulatory framework for ensuring a Secure Cyberspace ecosystem.
4) To enhance and create National and Sectoral level 24 x 7 mechanisms for obtaining strategic information regarding threats to ICT infrastructure, creating scenarios for response, resolution and crisis management through effective predictive, preventive, protective, response and recovery actions.
5) To enhance the protection and resilience of Nation’s critical information infrastructure by operating a 24×7 National Critical Information Infrastructure Protection Centre (NCIIPC) and mandating security practices related to the design, acquisition, development, use and operation of information resources.
6) To develop suitable indigenous security technologies through frontier technology research, solution oriented research, proof of concept, pilot development, transition, diffusion and commercialisation leading to widespread deployment of secure ICT products / processes in general and specifically for addressing National Security requirements.
7) To improve visibility of the integrity of ICT products and services by establishing infrastructure for testing & validation of security of such products.
8) Create workforce of 500,000 professionals skilled in cyber security India in 5years through capacity building, skill development and training.
9) To provide fiscal benefits to businesses for adoption of standard security practices and processes.
10) To enable protection of information while in process, handling, storage & transit so as to safeguard privacy of citizen’s data and for reducing economic losses due to cyber crime or data theft.
11) To enable effective prevention, investigation and prosecution of cyber crime and enhancement of law enforcement capabilities through appropriate legislative intervention.
12) To create a culture of cyber security India and privacy enabling responsible user behaviour & actions through an effective communication and promotion strategy.
13) To develop effective public private partnerships and collaborative engagements through technical and operational cooperation and contribution for enhancing the security of cyberspace.

We are here to create awareness about the cyber Security

We develop compelling storylines that make an individual think carefully about the right response to different situations and to consider the trade-offs between decisions.

Why should we attend this?

At this event, tech enthusiasts, developers, inventors, IAS Officers, IPS Officers, pioneers, security experts, Certified Ethical Hackers and other great minds all share their knowledge and thoughts on how to improve cyber security in general.

Cyber Truths

Learn from International thought leaders on emergent cyber threats and response strategies.

Cyber Ethics

Gain practical understanding through applied cyber-security solution demos.

Cyber Knowledges

Connect with global leaders to expand networks applied cyber-security solution demos.

Cyber Securities

Learn about the future role of cybersecurity in digital transformation.

Cybersecurity In India

According to the United National Global Cybersecurity Index (GCI) India is ranked 23rd in their rankings (however please bear in mind that rank hasn’t been updated for 2020).
There’s no doubt that India’s Cybersecurity community is booming. Growth in the InfoSec space in India is expected to be driven by dozens of government initiatives towards digitizing (modernizing) key economic sectors. The rapid uptake of Social Media, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud & IoT technologies, et al have all boosted the demand for cybersecurity solutions and services across the country.
CAW - The Central India's Cyber Awareness and Security Event Week going to focus on every level of society for cyber awareness.
Inevitably, with tech being such an important driver to the Indian economy it is hardly surprising that Cybersecurity Conferences are also growing in tandem with events.

  • Awareness for IT Act 2013.
  • Understanding Cyber Attacks , Cyber Crime and Cyber Ethics.
  • Preventions and Tools.
First day of Awesomeness Thursday, 1st July 2021

Day 1st

A. Cyber Expert Session : Rise of Automotive Hacking - JamTara cases /SMS/Apps Automation

  • The first cyber security trend in 2021 is going to be the rise of automotive hacking. Modern vehicles nowadays come packed with automated software creating seamless connectivity for drivers in cruise control, engine timing, door lock, airbags, and advanced systems for driver assistance. These vehicles use Bluetooth and WiFi technologies to communicate, which also opens them to several vulnerabilities or threats from hackers. Gaining control of the vehicle or using microphones for eavesdropping is expected to rise in 2021 with more use of automated vehicles. Self-driving or autonomous vehicles use an even further complex mechanism that requires strict cybersecurity measures.

B. Session by Pioneer (IAS/IPS/Renown Authority)

  • Join a one-hour Session to learn practical tools on data breach response and what a good cyber-incident playbook looks like

C. Q/A Session

  • Question and Answer session for everyone attending the Event. Each and everyone is free to ask questions on topics discussed.

D. FreeBies Distribution

Day 2nd

A. Cyber Expert/Ethical Hacker Session : Is legal CryptoCurrency in India ,Pros/Cons/Rules/Regulations”

B. Session by Pioneer (IAS/IPS/Renown Authority): Insider Threats

C. Q/A Session

  • Question and Answer session for everyone attending the Event. Each and everyone is free to ask questions on topics discussed.

Second day of Awesomeness Friday, 2nd July 2021
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